Vacation Ideas

We’re trying to plan a vacation for July 2006. We want to do it relatively cheaply, but we have some expensive ideas. My wife and I
have three daughters (15, 13, 9). We think the best trip includes Denali and a boat cruise. We like the idea of flying to Alaska and lisiting McKinley, then driving to a cruise ship and heading through the inside passage. We figure we have about 2 weeks to spend. We’re figuring that the cruise will be $1000 per person, and we’re looking for ideas regarding lodging and getting around. We can sleep pretty cheap, but we live in Pennsylvania and we’ll be starting by plane, so we aren’t thinking about full scale camping. I’d appreciate if you could point me to a good website or offer a few words of suggestion.

Me and my girl usually go to the mountains every two years or so and rent a chalet for accomidations. We went in October and it was 150 per night, 3 night minimum. Where we stayed, they allowed pets as well so we broght her little terrier mutt with us 🙂 .

After three nights, we were ready to come home. There is only so much of that area you can take. Mostly tourist attractions that get old after a while. The best thing we found there was the Ripley’s aquarium. It was very nice.

Pigeon Forge is mostly putt putt golf and minicart racetracks, some shopping. If you actually go into the mountains and hike or whatnot, then you can stay there 4 or 5 days.From Nashville to Gatlinburg, depending on route, it is about 200 or so
miles, give and take.

There are so many cabin rental companies. We haven’t used the same one twice yet, but the last one we stayed with, we probably will again. The cabin was in great shape.

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