Proper packing saves time and money

Moving can be a hectic experience, but rushing through a move can lead to loss of valuable possessions, a waste of time and can even cost the mover money. One of the most valuable moving tips that movers generally tend to ignore is to pack properly. Taking the time to properly pack your possessions will save time when loading and unloading a moving truck, save money and create a less stressful moving experience.

One of the first moving tips to consider is how you pack your possessions. Simply tossing any and all items into a box, sealing it and then moving on to the next box can create a hazard when unpacking. It is a generally good idea to begin in one section of your house and pack one room at a time, making sure to keep boxes containing the items for one section of the house in the same place. This can help reduce the amount of time spent unpacking. If all of the boxes for each room are kept together and labeled properly there will be little confusion when it comes time to unpack.

It is also very important to make sure valuable and fragile items are packed with care. Some items can become broken during a move and may have to be replaced. Some of our fragile possessions may be unreplaceable. This is why taking the time to bubble wrap or protect breakable items such as dinnerware or family heirlooms is a good idea.

Another time and money saving step when packing is to make sure that all of your boxes are taped properly. It becomes aggravating when one is carrying a rather heavy box and the bottom simply falls out due to a poorly taped box. In fact, it may be wise to use a dolly or hand truck in order to make moving faster and to prevent losing items that fall out of the bottom of a broken box.

Packing your moving truck using uniform sized moving boxes is important before you begin a move. If all of your boxes are the same size they will stack in your moving van easier and more uniformly. This will make for quicker loading and unloading rather than attempting to fit many different sized boxes onto an oddly shaped pile, and can possibly reduce the size of the moving van you will need.

Following these simple moving tips will save time and money on your next move.

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