Choosing an Eco-Friendly Pest Control Practices

Whether it’s raccoons that have nested in your attic or termites that are devouring your deck, there are humane and environmentally friendly methods for pest control. Natural, eco-friendly, and integrated services all offer viable alternatives to traditional, high-toxicity extermination solutions. Ask for experts at

Traditional vs. Eco-Friendly Pest Elimination
Traditional extermination companies use glue traps and poison to kill rodents and other varmints and spray potentially harmful chemicals all over the place to eliminate insect pests. Though these methods are certainly effective, they do not sit well with most eco-conscious individuals today.

Chemical pesticides may pose a threat to your health and to the environment, and killing animals that infiltrate your home is not necessary, if they can be trapped, removed, and relocated safely and humanely. Most green pest control companies offer live traps and put other tried, true, and effective, natural alternatives to work for you.

Rather than relying on chemicals, these firms determine why and how pests are getting in to your home and then utilize non-toxic or low-toxicity methods to deal with the problem. They seal any holes or other entry points varmints or other pests have been using and employ vacuum cleaners, detergent water, and other forms of less harmful mitigation processes to deal with insect infestations.

Integrated Extermination and Removal Services
Eco-friendly pest mitigation specialists are becoming more common, but there are also a number of traditional pest elimination services that are offering integrated services, meaning they continue to provide many of the same services that they always have, but are also incorporating greener solutions into their standard processes.

Consumers must therefore decide which type of service they prefer. If you are interested in the least invasive and most natural and eco-friendly methods for eliminating pest issues, then a green extermination and removal firm is your best bet. If however, you are willing to accept certain risks in order to ensure your property and home are free from infiltration, then an integrated service may be the right option for you.

Regardless of which route you take, you are reducing the likelihood of negative health and environmental implications, while also protecting your home, property, and family through proven pest control methods.

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