Get Your Official Boating License

Boating is a favorite Canadian pastime. From water sports such as skiing, to fishing or sailing, boating enthusiasts have their own reasons for mastering this age old form of transportation. An aspect of mastering boating includes studying, paperwork and testing.

Required to obtain a boating license, getting your Canadian pleasure craft license is an opportunity to soak in knowledge of this transportation world, a world that is parallel and distinct from more common travel on land, while building a concrete set of safety skills. Canadian boaters need a PCOC, or pleasure craft operator card, issued nationwide by Transport Canada. Everyone who operates a power-driven boat in Canada needs proof of competency.

Approved training courses set in both traditional classroom settings as well as online options set in the global digital classroom offer excellent foundations to ensure a boater succeeds at obtaining their license.

What kinds of questions should a boater expect on their boating exam? Participating in license quizzes is a great way to get warmed up. Boating quizzes can tickle your memory, challenge your assumptions, teach you aspects of boating you may have overlooked and prepare you for the real license test.

Online boating license quizzes includes questions such as: Which of the following indicates the port side of this vessel? When a storm hits while a vessel is underway, the operator should do which of the following? Which of the following is one of the early symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning? Other than seeking medical attention, what is the best treatment for a hypothermia victim?

Boaters who regularly take family members out on the water often incorporate their family into studying for their license. More than a fun and helpful learning method, this knowledge sharing, or group learning, passes along life saving information to those most likely to be passengers of the licensed boater. Instead of family game night, boating enthusiasts and full-time parents can throw boating study nights.
3 Easy Steps to get your Boating License

Boaters who seek a better mastery of boating language can benefit from making their own flashcards for studying. Boating has a complex glossary of terms unique to the practice. Mastering boating overall depends on mastery of its terms. Find a study partner, perhaps another boater seeking a license or your family and friends who will be your passengers, create flashcards and learn the rich glossary of the boating practice. The words of this practice are fascinating microcosms each with a bit of boating history to tell.

Get your Ontario boating license today. Feel secure in your own boating practices. Sign up for training courses in classrooms across Canada or from your laptop at home. Learning can be a fun chance to expand our perception of the world, understanding of its rich history and interact with fellow learners.

Hawaii vacation tips

I’ll be going to hawaii during the christmas/new year break for 2 weeks with my wife. I have a feeling that 2 weeks is a lot of time out there, and want to make the full use of the high prices I paid for the tickets and hotel.

How easy is it to travel between islands by ferry when we don’t have any booking made from here for ferries? We’ll be landing in Maui and have made booking for a flight to Kuai on the 7th day. We want to check out as many islands around Maui as possible during the 7 days and then do the same thing at Kuai also. Is it possible to take the rental cars in the ferry so that moving around won’t be problematic in the new island?

It’s been about 4 years or so when I was last in Hawaii, but both times I visited, it was cheaper to buy the tours there. More competition when you can walk from one business to the next and compare prices in person. It takes a little time from your vacation, but it’s fun to decide on the spur of the moment that you want to go on a helicopter tour or a whale watching boat or snorkeling or whatever.