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Fabulous Vacations In BC

Looking for the ideal travel destination? British Columbia might just be the place for you, and it offers a number of attractions that you and your family will surely appreciate.
The shining jewel in the crown that is British Columbia is undoubtedly Vancouver, which is the largest city in the province, and the third largest in Canada. Offering the perfect blend of nature and human civilization, Vancouver is just as remarkable for its snow capped peaks and awe inspiring scenery as it is for its leisure and entertainment centers. If your idea of a great vacation is getting way from it all with the promise of welcome amenities nearby, Vancouver is definitely worth a slot on your itinerary.
Vancouver is also a recognized center for culture and the arts, and here you will find everything from museums to galleries, and scores of other cultural destinations. The city is also home to a rich and colorful musical heritage, with internationally renowned figures such as Bryan Adams and Sarah McLachlan among its more famous homegrown talents. It is hardly surprising then that Vancouver is a premier destination for cultural, entertainment, and even sporting events, as exemplified by the World's Fair of 1986 and the Winter Olympic Games of 2010... Read more

5 Great Places to Visit in BC

When it comes to taking a trip to BC, Canada, it may be hard to choose what to do, or where to go, due to the amount of fun and exciting choices available. It was an incredibly hard choice, but we’ve put together 5 of the most exciting areas to visit.
1. Haida Gwaii
2. Whistler Blackcomb
3. Canadian Rockies
4. Great Bear Rain Forest
5. Pacific Rim Natural Reserve
These are 5 of the most amazing places to visit or vacation in BC Canada. They each offer a variety of breath taking sites, exciting adventures, and memorable experiences. Narrowing down the long list of fun things to do and places to go was a difficult process, but we hope we’ve provided some food for thought. There are plenty of other areas that offer fun memories for families and friends, but these are definitely a great start. Read more

Three green practices for animal control

If you have a bunch of animals in your yard, you will want to go out of your way to get rid of them. Sadly, in the past, companies would use toxic methods to kill the pests. While it would work, it causes serious damage to both residents and plants. For this reason, many folks want to use green methods. With this in mind, here are three green practices for animal and pest control.

Choosing an Eco-Friendly Pest Control Practices

Regardless of which route you take, you are reducing the likelihood of negative health and environmental implications, while also protecting your home, property, and family through proven wildlife control and methods.

Vacation Ideas

We’re trying to plan a vacation for July 2006. We want to do it relatively cheaply, but we have some expensive ideas. My wife and I have three daughters (15, 13, 9). We think the best trip includes Denali and a boat cruise. We like the idea of flying to Alaska and lisiting McKinley, then […]

Get Your Official Boating License

Boating is a favorite Canadian pastime. From water sports such as skiing, to fishing or sailing, boating enthusiasts have their own reasons for mastering this age old form of transportation. Required to obtain a boating license, getting your Canadian pleasure craft license is an opportunity to soak in knowledge of this transportation world, a world that is parallel and distinct from more common travel on land, while building a concrete set of safety skills.

Hawaii vacation tips

I’ll be going to hawaii during the christmas/new year break for 2 weeks with my wife. I have a feeling that 2 weeks is a lot of time out there, and want to make the full use of the high prices I paid for the tickets and hotel. How easy is it to travel between […]